Time to start dancing to another tune

One for the money

two for the show

                three for the lady on the radio

           four might be the one you’ll never know

(you’ll never know)

if only there was another way to go…

Seemed appropriate to open with a ‘Trooper’ lyric.

Canadian band, after all.

One for the money

Pipeline three to the US and beyond. Through Manitoba and Dakota?

Two for the show

Kinder Morgan through the heart of Burnaby Mountain. Concentrate the opposing forces. Set the narrative: Greens against commoners; Elites versus working families. Put the battle here, divert, divide, destroy.

Three for the lady on the radio

No Lakota public relations disasters in the Gateway to the North.

Four might be the one you’ll never know

Lots of time to change the announcements, lots of time to put coal back in Newcastle. Lots of time for Energy East.

If only there was another way to go…

There is always another Way to go.

Whether or not it’s taken is up to us. Governments and corporations are instruments of the people that allow them privilege. They cannot stand without consent.

It is time to withdraw consent.

Time to start building a new consensus.

There is no time for anything else.

The time is Now.


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About Keith Simmonds

Born and raised in the middle north (Kitimat BC and Flin Flon MB), I've worked 30 years in Mining/Smelting and the Pulp industry, while engaging in political action, community organizing, and union activism on the side. In and Out of Spiritual Being, my faith journey is through a Christian context, although I honour, uphold and am fascinated by other paths to the mountain. I began my training in diaconal ministry with the United Church of Canada in 2004, and began serving as a minister in Rossland, Trail, Beaver Valley and Salmo BC in 2009. My family and I moved to Duncan BC in August of 2013, where I serve as part of the ministry team. My partner, Laurel Walton, and I have five children between us. Liam attends Cow High, Jonah lives and works in Duncan, Brenna resides in Courtenay, Amy and her partner, Craig are in Vancouver, and Wade is in Calgary. My parents and siblings live in Kamloops, BC.

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