Some of us Were Amazed…

Peace doveI am amazed that we are amazed…

So let me get this straight…The way to confront those who are violently confronting the violent destruction of their land, the wanton slaughter of their families, and the rapacious theft of their resources is…to be violent.

Even more violent than they are.

Even more violent than our allies were. They who overthrew the oppressors, destroyed communities, and left with oil and other useful stuff.

We’ll teach them, these ravaged, ravagers, these reapers of wrath and sowers of the sword. We’ll teach them the path to peace, justice and the Canadian Way. By our violence.

That’s going to work?


We’re shocked, surprised, and fiercely determined in the face of their response?

“We will not be bowed down by the vile forces of evil. We will not be put on the course of hatred, by the haters.”

Do we hear ourselves?

Two thousand years ago the Word of Peace came alive on earth.

Not as a fully equipped warrior king with the might of a thousand armies.

Not as a bottomless treasury with the wealth of worlds to command obedience.

Not as a worker of mind-altering magic to coerce the wills of kings and commoners alike.

Two thousand years ago, and many, many, many times since, the word came alive on earth.

A wee, helpless child. Worshipped, as babies are worshipped, by the people of the village.

By the mothers and the grandmothers, the sisters and the brothers, the fathers, and the grandfathers, the aunts, the uncles, and the cousins.

The child-word grew to an adult-word. A word of peace that could not stand against the warriors, the wealthy, the powerful kings, or the angry commons. They destroyed the word, in an anguished instant.

Again, and again, and again. The word of peace has come among us and we have stood and watched while the violent tore her down and trod her beneath the feet of marching warriors.

Or rose up ourselves and joined them in the tearing down and treading.

In the name of peace.

We will destroy.

In the name of peace.

We will end lives.

In the name of peace?

Peace cannot be bought with death.

Peace will only root in love.

Let us find the Way to root peace in love, before the blood of violence drowns us all.


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About Keith Simmonds

Born and raised in the middle north (Kitimat BC and Flin Flon MB), I've worked 30 years in Mining/Smelting and the Pulp industry, while engaging in political action, community organizing, and union activism on the side. In and Out of Spiritual Being, my faith journey is through a Christian context, although I honour, uphold and am fascinated by other paths to the mountain. I began my training in diaconal ministry with the United Church of Canada in 2004, and began serving as a minister in Rossland, Trail, Beaver Valley and Salmo BC in 2009. My family and I moved to Duncan BC in August of 2013, where I serve as part of the ministry team. My partner, Laurel Walton, and I have five children between us. Liam attends Cow High, Jonah lives and works in Duncan, Brenna resides in Courtenay, Amy and her partner, Craig are in Vancouver, and Wade is in Calgary. My parents and siblings live in Kamloops, BC.

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