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  1. Hi Keith,

    This is a link to Tim DeChristopher’s piece on Yes! Magazine that I mentioned yesterday. It will take awhile to read but I think it is an important view from a guy who was willing to spend 2 years in jail for the climate. He is also studying at Harvard Divinity School to become a R.C. priest. I don’t have the fortitude for either of these actions but I have to admire him. There is also a link somewhere in this path to a bio and recap of the land auction story which is also very interesting. Namaste.

  2. Hi Keith,
    I was just wondering how you were doing. You haven’t updated this in a while so hopefully you are just “good” busy. I have, of course, lost your phone number.

    God Bless,

  3. Hi Brother – Is there a way I can receive your Blog directly into my gmail? I am enjoying reading your thoughts very much. How is the Presidency going so far? Seems the church is still here so I guess it must be going pretty good. Congratulations and I am looking forward to walking with you – yes I know sometimes running and often catching a ride…

    1. Hi Maureen, Thanks. Nice to hear. Nice to hear from you too. I think there’s a tab at the top right of the blog page that has an envelope on it, if you put your cursor over it, it says follow by email. Click and go from there. RSS feed is one of the other tabs, I think that works too.

  4. Your column, Why I Left The NDP, arrived on my desktop this morning. My journalist background includes The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, The Toronto Telegram, and The Montreal Star. I launched True North Perspective (TNP) ten years ago as a challenge to the lies being told by George W. Bush. As a died-in-the-wool print man I had no idea of what was in store. I was amazed to learn that within a year TNP was being read on all continents and in most countries with more than 500,000 hits.

    Early on, The Reverend Hanns F. Skoutajan (United Church) came aboard and for years wrote a cherished column called Spirit Quest. Unfortunately he has been struck by cancer and chemo and now lives hooked to an oxygen tank 24/7. He recently informed me that he will no longer be able to write his column.

    With heavy heart I hereby ask you to replace Reverend Skoutajan. Please be advised that while we have readership what we don’t got is dough so your column, once a month at the moment, would have to be voluntary.

    There would be absolutely no restrictions on the content of your column. Full freedom of expression guaranteed.

    Here below are two sample columns by Hanns, written under the banner of Spirit Quest:

    Looking forward


    Carl Dow
    Editor and Publisher
    True North Perspective
    209-111 CatherineStreet
    Ottawa ON K2P 0P4

  5. Keith – All of what you said rings true for me I would just add to your thoughts the NDP’s voting in favor of the bombing of Libya (notwithstanding their naive swallowing of the “humanitarian intervention” rationale), their accommodating free trade agreements (naively calling for “transparency”) and their swallowing of the false equivalency mantra regarding Israel’s atrocities and massacres of Palestinians of all ages in Gaza.

    1. No argument here, I did note that some folk saw the NDP as having the strongest policy (among Federal Parties) on Israel Palestine, but agree that it is a long way from what it should be. I don’t get the rational on Trade Agreements at all. They did oppose the TPP, but some of the ones they supported seem equally bad for ordinary folk and the environment. And leaping onside on bombing Libya – although I understand they’ve recanted – was difficult to swallow too.

  6. as a person who long ago left the United Church for another denomination, i must confess i rarely read times colonists articles by united church people…often their social justice or environmental concerns albeit important ,rarely appear informed by scripture….so what a wonderful surprise to read your recent article Keith about being a blessing in the world….such great writing i was so impressed and moved …thank you

    gail bones-chaplain…mustard seed street church , victoria bc

    1. Thanks Gail, I think most of us (UC clergy) are informed by scripture, it’s just that we sometimes forget to communicate that in our increasingly secular culture. I try to write for the audience too, the Times Colonist Blog is called Spiritually Speaking and so I try to speak out of a Christian Spiritual perspective. Thanks for your comments, nice to hear. I appreciate the ministry Mustard Seed is engaged in too. Just drove by Hope Farm yesterday and wondered how we could build a stronger relationship. I know we see some of the folk from the farm at our outreach programs…thank you for the way you carry out the call to be blessings to the world. Shalom, Keith

  7. Hi Keith, thanks for being open to assist lapsed “Methodists” like me, and my mother too. Thanks for suggesting that there may be a few books of interest to me in the church library, on chaplaincy and pastoral care, and other topics. I may study toward a bachelor degree “en passant” in Professional & Technical Writing from Excelsior College online or similar places, like Athabasca U. Because I can experience headaches, stress-related headaches with pain like migraine after a significant concussive injury, I need to be able to study like old school correspondence studies from a distance, and just with a technology boost, not a times technology requirement. I may want to include comparative religions and chaplaincy and pastoral care, and aim for an additional degree like a Bachelor of Religious Studies Online from ASU Arizona State University. Link —

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