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An Unexpected Ally in the Temple of Greed

Some of this Sunday’s thoughts on Lent, Greed, and recent events. You can find the    Jesus clears-the-temple 2scriptures at:

The News story is at:

You’re supposed to preach with God in your centre, the Spirit in your heart, the bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

Some days you just need the newspaper. Or electronic equivalent.

Granted, it helps that the Scripture is the Ten Commandments bookended by John’s Jesus, flailing the money changers, goat sellers and other assorted ruffians out of the Temple’s economic system. Flailing out the whole system, in fact.

It also helps to be in the Season of Lent, third Sunday of same. A Sunday who’s theme is ‘Greed’.

A Sunday that opened worship with a short scene depicting the havoc wreaked upon our housing by personal and corporate applications of the ‘Buy Low, Sell High’ principle. Continue reading An Unexpected Ally in the Temple of Greed

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When a Philosophy Comes Knockin’ at Your Door….

Ever wish ‘they’d’ just tell you the truth? Lay out the range of potential outcomes and consequences and let you make up your own mind?

I’m told there was a time (or maybe it’s a myth) when Doctors didn’t. A brief moment in history when the medical profession exercised its godly powers and withheld information from patients.

“Here, do this, take that, go here, live there…Prognosis? Don’t you worry about that. All in good time. All in God’s hands. Just do your part. Won’t be easy. Brave soldier.” Kindly pat on the head, wise furrow of the brow, twinkle in the eye. “Off you go.” Continue reading When a Philosophy Comes Knockin’ at Your Door….

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