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Fire’s Burning

Fire’s Burningkootenay lake fire

Draw nearer.

The words of the old campfire song take me back to Camp Koolaree, where I first learned them around a fire, singing with the 7 and 8 year old campers I’d come to be chaplain with, during their three nights and four days at camp.

This year, returning to the week of teen coed camp in early July, they took on a special meaning, as the mountain top above Duhamel and Six Mile sent out clouds of smoke and flame. At night, the trees candled and flared, highlighted against the sky across the lake from the camp, I looked at our cabins filled with young, bright, joyful souls, and wondered about the ironic value system we have unleashed upon them. Continue reading Fire’s Burning

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When a Philosophy Comes Knockin’ at Your Door….

Ever wish ‘they’d’ just tell you the truth? Lay out the range of potential outcomes and consequences and let you make up your own mind?

I’m told there was a time (or maybe it’s a myth) when Doctors didn’t. A brief moment in history when the medical profession exercised its godly powers and withheld information from patients.

“Here, do this, take that, go here, live there…Prognosis? Don’t you worry about that. All in good time. All in God’s hands. Just do your part. Won’t be easy. Brave soldier.” Kindly pat on the head, wise furrow of the brow, twinkle in the eye. “Off you go.” Continue reading When a Philosophy Comes Knockin’ at Your Door….

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