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Five Armies?

On the eve of a Federal Election Campaign.

the five armies

It’s hard not to think of it as a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit event. The Five Armies.

Good arrayed against evil.

The Dark Lord firm in his centre, reaching out tentacles of destruction, seeking to secure his hold, desiring, thirsting, eager in a worm-tongued, psychotic glee to dip again into the life blood of the land and all that sustains it. Gathering his forces misanthropic.

The standards of the four armies arrayed against him. Continue reading Five Armies?

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The Eagle and the Condor

Eagle-And-Condor-Dreamcatcher-300x200Once, years ago, I was told we are living in a time of convergence. A time of prophetic imagination. A time of awesome wonder and a time of compelling mystery. Or is it mysticism? I know every age has had its calls and consequence, its challenge and despair. Its need to stand or fall in the face of great and unimaginable challenge. We, I was told, live in the time of the Eagle and the Condor, the People of the North and the People of the South will come together. I wonder if the two great issues of our day aren’t somehow related, somehow entwined with prophesy and call. The voice of God, not so still nor small nor silent, any more. Continue reading The Eagle and the Condor

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There is a Balm

The outline of a reflection shared at Duncan United Church on Sunday February 8, 2015. Readings from scripture referenced were from Corinthians and Mark and can be found at:

Italicized lyrics sung to the tune of “There is a Balm in Gilead” gods-healing-embrace-kerstin-berthold

Where is the balm, can it be had? To ease the heartsick soul? Where is the balm, can it be had? To make the wounded whole?

Desperate for a cure.

We are so desperate for a cure.

Having irritated the world’s climate to the point where it invokes a self-defense protocol that is aimed at wiping out the effects of the irritants, we are, desperately, seeking a cure.


We are so desperate for a cure.

Having participated in programs of insecticide, planti-cide, germicide and bacteria-cide, to the point where we fear our ability to keep our own bodies safe (let alone the environment that sustains us), we are desperately seeking a cure. Continue reading There is a Balm

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If I Wasn’t a Christian

female jesus - Sandra Harper 2011
female Jesus – Sandra Harper

If I wasn’t a Christian I might be a Buddhist. There’s something about Buddhism, with its Now and its Oneness. Its Nirvana and its Karma. Its Om and its focus on chakra and deep contemplation.

If I wasn’t a Christian I might be a Moslem. There’s something about Islam, with its prayer life and its practice. Its Prophet and its pilgrimage. Its minaret and mats, Sufis and Dervishes.

If I wasn’t a Christian I might be a Wiccan. There’s something about Wicca, with its seeing divinity in all. Its magical, mystical, ritual of presence. Its dances in moonlight and solstice celebrations. Continue reading If I Wasn’t a Christian

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The Beloved


Some thoughts that gave rise to a reflection shared on January 11, 2015 at Duncan Holy Spirit Colleen ShayUnited Church. Based on the readings found at:

We also thought about the experience of being so open to God that some of us spoke in language only God could understand, and the experience of living in a world where millions upon millions of us are willing to march for peace in darkness. A world where we may finally be ready to re-pent ourselves  and become one with the Spirit. Laying aside what we need to lay aside at the river’s edge, plunging into the formless void,  and emerging opened up to the remaking Voice of God…


Maybe the best we’ll do is wear the sound the Voice makes,
wear it inside and out like a garment of creation.

Genesis tells us the Voice creates:

God said

“Let there be”

And there was


And we knew darkness. Continue reading The Beloved

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Where is Light?

There is no darkness without light
There is no darkness without light


The outline of a reflection shared with the congregation of Duncan United Church on Jan. 4, 2015.        A community on the edge of everything…

Text: Isaiah 60:1-6



Where is light?

Where is treasure?

In the time of third Isaiah it was pretty hard to see.

Exiles returning, demanding their lands from the remnants who’d starved to keep it…

What God had given to all sub-divided amongst the worthy, the not so worthy, the pure and the not so pure.

Lines drawn, crooked paths followed. Dispute, disruption, division.

Holy codes used in unholy ways. Continue reading Where is Light?

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