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On Gretta?

To read many of the social media comments of folk in United Church 1corinthians13jpeg1-thumb-2circles, Gretta Vosper is the issue at hand, the issue of the moment. But it’s not the issue at hand that’s at the root of my churning. That is almost always the case, is it not? So many commenting and almost no one commenting about the issue we say we’re commenting on. It’s all about us. The eternal ‘I’.

I think some are pretty raw on the whole “United Church has no theology, no allegiance to Christ, no boundaries” calumny that’s often tossed our way by our holier brethren, and they’ve decided to draw the line on Gretta. Others have, well, other things going on. I don’t think a lot of it has much to do with Gretta, or her communication choices. It’s much more likely to have something to do with our own paths, the roads we’ve taken to get to here. Continue reading On Gretta?

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Times Colonist Column

Hello folks, I’ve been blogging as President of BC Conference of late, haven’t spent enough time here, I’m afraid. Please follow this link to the Times Colonist On Line, I’ve a few thoughts there about women of faith and how some walk with them, while others use them for their own ends….

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Theologically Speaking?

faith seeking understanding coverMy Theology text – in the introductory year – written by Daniel J Migliori, was called “Faith Seeking Understanding”. It was and is a good read, a simple, well written and relatively in-depth inquiry into its topic. It is now available in our church library for those inclined to read it. Despite my appreciation for the book and its topic, I’ve often wondered if theology isn’t sometimes better described as “Faith Seeking Justification” and I don’t mean in the heart of the Lord.

It seems to me that theologians can sometimes/have often/will again provide the argument needed or the moral underpinning for actions or in-actions that might otherwise seem a bit, well, tawdry, if not downright mean  or insular or something. Continue reading Theologically Speaking?

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That’s Enough Now

Okay, I think we’re done now…regulation-amp-taxation

Really, it’s been an interesting relationship.

South Sea Bubbles

Fur trade fiascos

Farm enclosures

Potato Famines

Cotton Mills

Cane Plantations


Children labouring in mines and mills and assembly lines Continue reading That’s Enough Now

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The Man Behind the Mask

annonymous gives homeless man money
Photo courtesy of Youtube user tiggersmith 1992

While I stand behind the words and the conclusions in my last posting (Some of us were Amazed), I must repudiate its impetus.

I’d been churning over our government’s decision to go to war in Iraq, on the heels of its enthusiastic participation in Lybia, and its entrenchment of corrupt warlords in Afghanistan.

The events of a few days ago were the catalyst. But I did not consider the reality of the masked man in Ottawa.

I’d already made up my mind about him. Knew him by dint of his actions, his rifle, his kerchief, and assumptions about his faith.

Continue reading The Man Behind the Mask

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Some of us Were Amazed…

Peace doveI am amazed that we are amazed…

So let me get this straight…The way to confront those who are violently confronting the violent destruction of their land, the wanton slaughter of their families, and the rapacious theft of their resources is…to be violent.

Even more violent than they are.

Even more violent than our allies were. They who overthrew the oppressors, destroyed communities, and left with oil and other useful stuff. Continue reading Some of us Were Amazed…

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