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Practical Theology?

I spent the last weekend in May on campus at UBC, at the General Meeting of the British Queer TheologyColumbia Conference of the United Church of Canada. It was my privilege to chair the meeting and watch as the planning team’s conversation unfolded through the careful, wise and inspired leadership of many gifted folk engaged in the ministry of our church. Along with over 400 others, I learned a great deal about the ways we respond to God’s call in the United Church.

Our teachers were brought together, shaped and set in almost orchestral renderings of ‘practical theology’ by Reverend Janet Gear of the Vancouver School of Theology. Using story, testimony and song, they helped us understand, celebrate and uphold some of the more compelling theologies (ways of relating to and in God) of the United Church of Canada in British Columbia. For church folk it was a wonderful, enlivening, fascinating and uplifting way to spend our time together, and get the business done too!

As with all large group meetings, where inspiration takes place daily on the main stage, at table groups, or via twitter, facebook and Instagram, some of the deepest reflections took place almost casually, over breakfast, at coffee, or during late night conversations about theology as we live it in our communities. While I was part of many, a few stand out in sharp relief. Continue reading Practical Theology?

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Be Careful What You Look For

Drriss & Marrionn – Spreading Roots of a Weeping Fig Tree

Oh Be So





What You

Look For

A reflection shared on Sunday November 30 2014 at Duncan United Church. Scripture references are to Isaiah and Mark readings and can be found at:

“Were You There” sung to the tune of “Were You There” a Spiritual I love to sing, with words that seemed to suit the readings….

Oh Be So Very Careful

Were you there when the heavens opened wide?
Were you there when the mountains rocked and rolled?
Oh sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble
Were you there when the stars began to fall?

Oh tear open the heavens and come down. Let the mountains quake and tremble.

Oh be so very, very, very careful what you look for.

Oh on those days the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give her light.

On that day the powers in the heavens will be shaken.

On that day the stars will begin to fall.

On that day the Son of Man will send out the Angels.

From the ends of the earth to the ends of heaven.

From the four winds they will gather his elect.

And he shall come in clouds with great power and glory.

Oh be so very, very, very, careful what you look for.

One day the heavens will burst asunder and the god of our ancestors will pour forth a sound and thunder that will quake the mountains, roil the seas and whip the air to a frenzy. Continue reading Be Careful What You Look For

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