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From Blindness to Sight


I sign my letters “Shalom”

Peace, and more than peace. A state and place and time of being. Utopia designed by creation in the light and call of love.

Writing shortly after the birth of a renewed urging of the love that resides in all things another man calling attendance on love, one Paul, formerly of Tarsus, now of Jesus, opened his letters with “The Peace of Christ”.

A radical opening in a time when the peace of Rome wreaked itself upon the people of Europe, Turkey and Northern Africa by means of armed might and crude repression. Continue reading From Blindness to Sight

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There is a Balm

The outline of a reflection shared at Duncan United Church on Sunday February 8, 2015. Readings from scripture referenced were from Corinthians and Mark and can be found at:

Italicized lyrics sung to the tune of “There is a Balm in Gilead” gods-healing-embrace-kerstin-berthold

Where is the balm, can it be had? To ease the heartsick soul? Where is the balm, can it be had? To make the wounded whole?

Desperate for a cure.

We are so desperate for a cure.

Having irritated the world’s climate to the point where it invokes a self-defense protocol that is aimed at wiping out the effects of the irritants, we are, desperately, seeking a cure.


We are so desperate for a cure.

Having participated in programs of insecticide, planti-cide, germicide and bacteria-cide, to the point where we fear our ability to keep our own bodies safe (let alone the environment that sustains us), we are desperately seeking a cure. Continue reading There is a Balm

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