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Times Colonist Column

Hello folks, I’ve been blogging as President of BC Conference of late, haven’t spent enough time here, I’m afraid. Please follow this link to the Times Colonist On Line, I’ve a few thoughts there about women of faith and how some walk with them, while others use them for their own ends….

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That’s Enough Now

Okay, I think we’re done now…regulation-amp-taxation

Really, it’s been an interesting relationship.

South Sea Bubbles

Fur trade fiascos

Farm enclosures

Potato Famines

Cotton Mills

Cane Plantations


Children labouring in mines and mills and assembly lines Continue reading That’s Enough Now

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Some of us Were Amazed…

Peace doveI am amazed that we are amazed…

So let me get this straight…The way to confront those who are violently confronting the violent destruction of their land, the wanton slaughter of their families, and the rapacious theft of their resources is…to be violent.

Even more violent than they are.

Even more violent than our allies were. They who overthrew the oppressors, destroyed communities, and left with oil and other useful stuff. Continue reading Some of us Were Amazed…

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Friends Don’t Let Friends

"The Drunk"  George Bellows
“The Drunk”
George Bellows

“Friends don’t let friends…”                                                                                               Remember that?

“Friends don’t let friends…”

I’ve been thinking about that.

Days spent in a small community.

‘Everyone knew’.

She wasn’t coming to the Legion tonight.

Continue reading Friends Don’t Let Friends

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