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Living in Denial

A series of thoughts presented to folk at Duncan United Church on Sunday, March 1, 2015.  Mark 8:31-38 and the Genesis Flood Story were the scriptural references.

Image not available here, apparently the artist is a tad wary of electronic media. Can’t say I blame him. It can be viewed (thanks to the folk at Universal Press Syndicate) at:

There’s a Calvin and Hobbs strip that reminds me a bit of my early days in school. Calvin is daydreaming in class, images of dinosaurs roaring in his head. His long suffering teacher, who’s always reminded me of my paternal grandmother, interrupts the dream.

“Calvin,” she says, “We are in geography class. What state do you live in?”

His reply? “Denial.”

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That’s Enough Now

Okay, I think we’re done now…regulation-amp-taxation

Really, it’s been an interesting relationship.

South Sea Bubbles

Fur trade fiascos

Farm enclosures

Potato Famines

Cotton Mills

Cane Plantations


Children labouring in mines and mills and assembly lines Continue reading That’s Enough Now

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There is a Balm

The outline of a reflection shared at Duncan United Church on Sunday February 8, 2015. Readings from scripture referenced were from Corinthians and Mark and can be found at:

Italicized lyrics sung to the tune of “There is a Balm in Gilead” gods-healing-embrace-kerstin-berthold

Where is the balm, can it be had? To ease the heartsick soul? Where is the balm, can it be had? To make the wounded whole?

Desperate for a cure.

We are so desperate for a cure.

Having irritated the world’s climate to the point where it invokes a self-defense protocol that is aimed at wiping out the effects of the irritants, we are, desperately, seeking a cure.


We are so desperate for a cure.

Having participated in programs of insecticide, planti-cide, germicide and bacteria-cide, to the point where we fear our ability to keep our own bodies safe (let alone the environment that sustains us), we are desperately seeking a cure. Continue reading There is a Balm

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If I Wasn’t a Christian

female jesus - Sandra Harper 2011
female Jesus – Sandra Harper

If I wasn’t a Christian I might be a Buddhist. There’s something about Buddhism, with its Now and its Oneness. Its Nirvana and its Karma. Its Om and its focus on chakra and deep contemplation.

If I wasn’t a Christian I might be a Moslem. There’s something about Islam, with its prayer life and its practice. Its Prophet and its pilgrimage. Its minaret and mats, Sufis and Dervishes.

If I wasn’t a Christian I might be a Wiccan. There’s something about Wicca, with its seeing divinity in all. Its magical, mystical, ritual of presence. Its dances in moonlight and solstice celebrations. Continue reading If I Wasn’t a Christian

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