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The Beloved


Some thoughts that gave rise to a reflection shared on January 11, 2015 at Duncan Holy Spirit Colleen ShayUnited Church. Based on the readings found at:

We also thought about the experience of being so open to God that some of us spoke in language only God could understand, and the experience of living in a world where millions upon millions of us are willing to march for peace in darkness. A world where we may finally be ready to re-pent ourselves  and become one with the Spirit. Laying aside what we need to lay aside at the river’s edge, plunging into the formless void,  and emerging opened up to the remaking Voice of God…


Maybe the best we’ll do is wear the sound the Voice makes,
wear it inside and out like a garment of creation.

Genesis tells us the Voice creates:

God said

“Let there be”

And there was


And we knew darkness. Continue reading The Beloved

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Where is Light?

There is no darkness without light
There is no darkness without light


The outline of a reflection shared with the congregation of Duncan United Church on Jan. 4, 2015.        A community on the edge of everything…

Text: Isaiah 60:1-6



Where is light?

Where is treasure?

In the time of third Isaiah it was pretty hard to see.

Exiles returning, demanding their lands from the remnants who’d starved to keep it…

What God had given to all sub-divided amongst the worthy, the not so worthy, the pure and the not so pure.

Lines drawn, crooked paths followed. Dispute, disruption, division.

Holy codes used in unholy ways. Continue reading Where is Light?

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