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The Man Behind the Mask

annonymous gives homeless man money
Photo courtesy of Youtube user tiggersmith 1992

While I stand behind the words and the conclusions in my last posting (Some of us were Amazed), I must repudiate its impetus.

I’d been churning over our government’s decision to go to war in Iraq, on the heels of its enthusiastic participation in Lybia, and its entrenchment of corrupt warlords in Afghanistan.

The events of a few days ago were the catalyst. But I did not consider the reality of the masked man in Ottawa.

I’d already made up my mind about him. Knew him by dint of his actions, his rifle, his kerchief, and assumptions about his faith.

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Some of us Were Amazed…

Peace doveI am amazed that we are amazed…

So let me get this straight…The way to confront those who are violently confronting the violent destruction of their land, the wanton slaughter of their families, and the rapacious theft of their resources is…to be violent.

Even more violent than they are.

Even more violent than our allies were. They who overthrew the oppressors, destroyed communities, and left with oil and other useful stuff. Continue reading Some of us Were Amazed…

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On Prophecies


McConnell Lake – Kent Simmonds photo

I’m tired of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Tired of studies that quantify existing issues and make projections predicting today’s predicaments as tomorrow’s paradigms.

I can see today just as well as anyone else.

I can extrapolate the sins of today on the institutions of tomorrow as well as anyone else. Continue reading On Prophecies

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