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On Belief

I’ve been reading writings by folk who are or were Christian ministers who no longer believe what they used to believe, in the way they used to believe.

Judging by the responses under the versions that take place on line, many readers are upset, disturbed, overwrought, let down, or otherwise in turmoil over the revelations and their authors. Others are non-plussed at all the fuss, as they’d never shared the ‘delusion’ in the first place.

I must admit to being a bit non-plussed myself.

Don’t most of us change our way of relating and speaking about our relationship with the cosmos? Continue reading On Belief

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When a Philosophy Comes Knockin’ at Your Door….

Ever wish ‘they’d’ just tell you the truth? Lay out the range of potential outcomes and consequences and let you make up your own mind?

I’m told there was a time (or maybe it’s a myth) when Doctors didn’t. A brief moment in history when the medical profession exercised its godly powers and withheld information from patients.

“Here, do this, take that, go here, live there…Prognosis? Don’t you worry about that. All in good time. All in God’s hands. Just do your part. Won’t be easy. Brave soldier.” Kindly pat on the head, wise furrow of the brow, twinkle in the eye. “Off you go.” Continue reading When a Philosophy Comes Knockin’ at Your Door….

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When Lawmakers Become Lawbreakers – a lesson in integrity

As a member of a union bargaining committee, I learned that a strike is never really ‘won’. You cannot recover all you’ve personally lost. Most of the benefits will be for those who come after. Your group will benefit the next time you take a strike vote. You’ll know what it means to strike, as will your employer. You’ll both think long and hard before you go through that again.

I’ve been considering that in light of my son’s teachers’ decision to strike again. They’ll never recoup their personal losses, they know what those losses will be and yet here they are. Why? Teachers teach history, and math, and economics. They understand equations. They know the personal cost. Yet there they are. On the Picket Line. Once again. Continue reading When Lawmakers Become Lawbreakers – a lesson in integrity

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