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Friends Don’t Let Friends

"The Drunk"  George Bellows
“The Drunk”
George Bellows

“Friends don’t let friends…”                                                                                               Remember that?

“Friends don’t let friends…”

I’ve been thinking about that.

Days spent in a small community.

‘Everyone knew’.

She wasn’t coming to the Legion tonight.

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Jesus and the Canaanite Woman…Lessons in Hypocrisy

A Canaanite Goddess Sculptor David Hostetler:
A Canaanite Goddess  – Sculptor David Hostetler

“Make sure,” he said, “make sure that you offer something to the caregivers if you’re preaching this text on Sunday. That mom, she’s a caregiver. Pleading for her daughter’s life.”

Seeing it from that perspective changed my whole view of the text. Redirected my thoughts about where it might take the internal conversation I have out loud with the congregation on Sunday morning. Blending in a bit of insight:

“This story? I love this story. In this story, I could be Jesus. Just ask my step-son. Up there preachin’ a great line on what sits on the heart and comes out of the mouth being way more harmful than anything that might go in. About how bad thoughts and horrible words Continue reading Jesus and the Canaanite Woman…Lessons in Hypocrisy

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Paperbags, princesses and burned-out dragons

If we want complex answers we must first construct complex situations. In my experience (having been there a number of times and continuing – despite all evidence to the contrary – to try to go there) complex answers and complex situations lead most of us into a state of deep complexity. Soon to be followed by sleep.

The dragon's devastation
The dragon’s devastation

Now take this image.

Eerily reminiscent of scenes that are far too common in media these days, one could construct a fairly complex story about it. Continue reading Paperbags, princesses and burned-out dragons

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Who am I? What might this blog be about?

In my office, sans glasses (too much glare)
In my office, sans glasses (too much glare)

I thought it might help you to know a bit about me, who I am, where I come from and why I’ve decided to put my thoughts down in print for others to view, think about and share, if you so choose.

My name, you might have learned by now, is Keith Simmonds. The one from Duncan BC, one of the many Keith Simmonds out there, including a fella who – according to reputable report – tried to gnaw his fingerprints off on being apprehended in the midst of some nefarious activity or other. The things you find out when you employ the internet to search out your name. If you search my name you’ll find many occupations, ages and stages. The author of this blog is the one that turns up having blogged in the Kootenays (Nelson, Rossland, Castlegar and Trail BC) who is a United Church Minister, now living in Duncan BC. Continue reading Who am I? What might this blog be about?

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